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Defense Witches


A brand new Defense game is released for Android!Little witches are active in the fantasy world!- Save the Stone Seal from surging monsters.Monsters are seeking the Stone Seal which contains the heart of the evil god.Summon cute witches to save it from surging monsters.
- Summoned cute witches fight in the fantasy world!Don't take a game with cute girls lightly!You couldn't imagine how this app with girl's characters is a strategic Defense game.Cute and attractive characters are active on the HD graphics for Retina.
- Save the Stone Seal!Monsters wave after wave for the Stone Seal.The Stone Seal is damaged when a monster reaches at it.Wipe the monsters off before the Stone Seal is broken,
- Summon Cute Witches!Summon little witches to save the Stone Seal from monsters.
Daisy : She always practice chanting spells hard. A hardworking student with cheerful character.
Becky : She is the youngest daughter of a noble family. A passionate girl protecting her friends with the fire of justice. She likes Daisy.
Chloe : She is intelligent and always calm. While she is always quiet, her magic is so flashy.
Nicola : She pretends to be a calm character but actually tends to follow the surrounding circumstances. She is sensitive about the growth of her breasts. She likes Daisy too.
Chiara : A girl with full of curiosity whose dream is flying someday. She has so much unreasonable confidence.
- Various StagesWORLD1 : Deep ForestWORLD2 : Steep ValleyWORLD3 : Crystal CaveWORLD4 : Active VolcanoWORLD5 : Ice TempleWORLD6 : Small IslandsWORLD7 : Ghost TownWORLD8 : Huge Tree HouseWORLD9 : Sky IslandWORLD10 : Ancient Temple
- TipsDon't forget to upgrade units you once put on the field!Monsters become tougher as a stage goes while they look similar. Upgrade units to prepare for tough enemies.
Get to know enemies' attribution!The fire magic doesn't work for an enemy with fire attribution. Make a choice to summon an appropriate unit.
Concentrate attacks in a tough enemy!Some boss monsters have a lot HP. Tap them to make concentrated attacks.
Not only monsters you can supply your magic power!But also rocks and woods with pink air have magic power. Break them to supply your magic power.
* All stages are designed to allow a player without any power-up items clear with no damage. Use "Rewind" to consider a tactics for each Wave.
- SupportTwitter!/DefenseWitchesFacebook
- Notes・ Recommended environment: Android4.0 later.・ necessary capacity: 300M or more・ RAM: 2G or more・ Such as Wi-Fi we would recommend an update of a stable communication environment.